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Attention (ADD/ADHD)

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common chronic childhood disorders.  Children with ADHD may have difficulty controlling their behavior in school and social setting and often fail to achieve their full academic potential.  Clinically, if your child has ADHD, he/she may be easily distracted, be unable to pay attention and follow directions, be overactive, and /or have poor self control.

As part of our evaluation process, we ask that both child's parents and teacher(s) complete a set of behavioral rating scales.  We use the Vanderbilt Assessment Scale, from the National Initiative for Children's Healthcare Quality, to help assess your child.  This information is important in the diagnosis and treatment of your child.

Please fill out the parent rating scale and have the teacher(s) who spends the most time with your child complete the teacher rating scale (click on the link below and download forms).  It is useful for us to obtain multiple rating scales from several teachers, past or present.  Have the completed forms forwarded to us directly.  Once we have all the forms, your doctor will review the results of the questionnaires.  Please schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss the results and decide if any other testing is required to make a diagnosis of ADHD or other condition.

Click here for Parent Rating Scale

Click here for Teacher Rating Scale

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